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BMW K100LT Colour Schemes  

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Produced in; Red; Police White; Police White/Bright Minz Green; Police White/Minz Green; Avus Black; Baja Red; Dolomite Grey; Polaris; Alaska Blue; Madison; Karabic Blue; Diamond Grey; Columbia Silver; Bahama Bronze; Stratos Grey; Pearl Green; Tobacco Brown; Toskana Green; Titan Blue; Classic Black. This list may not be comprehensive. Not all colours would be available in all markets or for all years.

1988 Bahama Bronze Metallic Scheme Code: 636

Bahama Bronze picture

1990 Titan Blue Metallic Scheme Code: 665

Titan Blue picture

1990 Toscana Green Metallic Scheme Code: 653

Toscana Green picture

1990 Stratos Grey Metallic Scheme Code: 655

Stratos Grey picture

1990 Red Metallic Scheme Code: 654

Red Metallic picture

1990 Brilliant Silver Metallic Scheme Code: 666

Brilliant Silver picture

1991 Bermuda Blue Metallic Scheme Code: 645

Bermuda Blue picture

1991 Classic Black Metallic Scheme Code: 670

Classic Black picture

1991 Red Metallic Scheme Code: 675

Red Metallic picture

Marrakech Red

Marrakech Red

1984 K100RT Baja Red Photo by MotoMeccanica

BMW K100RT Baja Red


High Resolution Photos

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BMW K100LT photo BMW K100LT photo  



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